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Lyrics search By PetitLyrics


"Lyric search By PetitLyrics" is an application which can search the Japanese and Western lyrics from about 1 million music by free of charge.Since users can post the lyrics by themselves, the newest lyrics are also reflected immediately.If the tap of the lyrics is carried out, automatic scrolling starts and it can enjoy air karaoke.■ Recommendation function- Change color and automatically scroll of the displayed lyrics (some lyrics are excluded.)- Search lyrics function from "song title", "artist name", "album title", "songwriter", "composer", "lyrics phrase" and "artist index".- Contribution of the lyrics seen now to Twitter or FaceBook is possible.- Lyric search from a contributor name- You can post your own syncronized lyrics at "PetitLyrics"( website, and your lyrics can be displayed with "Lyric search".-You can share your favorite lyric phrases on SNS.
■ What is "AirKara"?The amazing feature of this application is "AirKara". "AirKara" is the function to change color and scroll the displayed lyrics like Karaoke.If the "AirKara" button in a lyrics display page is pushed, while lyrics are discolored from the head of the sentence, it will scroll automatically.Moreover, if the double-tap of the lyrics themselves is carried out, an AirKara function will begin from there.If you turn on music in background with "AirKara", you can enjoy Karaoke.
■ Cooperation with a "WALKMAN" applicationIt can cooperate from the Infinite button of "WALKMAN" application preinstalled in Xperia, and lyrics can be seen.